Guidelines for men going on a date

If this is your first time hiring a highest-standard escort for your pleasure, then you must read this guidance document that thoroughly describes how to take care of our women.

However, if you’re a gentleman, then all of these guidelines would be obvious to you.
In fact, the guidelines, down below, are nothing more than being gentle, caring, and understanding to the women who offer 5-STAR escort services to you.

Let’s start with the most basic guidelines

Respect Your Escort
Treat her like you would treat a real lady because our escorts are nothing less than that. They spend hours daily to keep themselves in perfect shape and hygiene. There is no doubt that our models resemble a celebrity-like personality and their looks are even more stunning. Therefore, give her the kind of respect that she deserves to have from a gentleman.

Respect their Life
We understand that you want some ‘personal’ quality time with your perfect date, but bear in mind that it’s all business when it comes to contacting and booking one of our escorts. They have a life of their own, and they want to keep it separated from their occupation. So please ensure that you respect their personal time.

Radiate Yourself
To avoid having a bad time with your Companion, you should show a hygienic personality. Meaning before having a date with one of our ladies, you have to go the extra mile when it comes to cleaning. Make sure that your teeth are finely brushed, nails are cut precisely, and you smell perfectly seducing inside and out (including your mouth).

Regarding the Charges
If you’ve already booked our Models, then you should know that keeping your money counted and separated (in an envelope) is the best way to go about this. We don’t like negotiations and our ladies neither. Each one of our escorts has an hourly charge displayed on her portfolio, for immersive fun and pleasure.

Surprise Her
Let her know that you loved having her as a date. Gifting her with items that she has on our ‘wish-list’ (you can find that out through our
gifts page) would make her awe and all the more loving. Spoiler Alert: Once you surprise our lady, be ready to have a more than overwhelming sexperience.

Act like a Gentleman Should
You don’t want to lose your respectful persona in front of the escort. Act like a gentleman should act. Keep your conversations short and between you two. Don’t ask too personal or too patronising questions. Nobody wants to answer that unless you have spent at least ten or more dates with our escort. Don’t do anything rash that our escort doesn’t like or provide because that would be a shameful act. You should also avoid drinking to an extent, where you lose your logical thinking.

Practice Safe Sex
Finally, ensure that you practice safe sex (use condoms). Having unsafe sex is an absolute no. It would result in the violation of terms and conditions that terminate our escort services effective immediately. Having a safe sex is the most professional and most satisfying sexperience you’ll ever have from an escort without ever worrying about difficulties that you may face.

Book one of our elite escorts today and have an immersive aha-experience you always wanted to have with a beauty who knows everything about pleasure.